Dee Diggs

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Dee Diggs bares her soul and loses her inhibitions when she touches those DJ decks. When she plays, she let’s it all show: all the digging for deep cuts & recall of tracks with that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ or emotional snag to them. She transmits the pure joy that comes from the private practice of devotional appreciation of music. Dee Diggs is a DJ and so much more in Brooklyn, NY. She is unapologetically black, queer, and a lifelong student of the tenets of House Music. She was born in 1994, a beautiful year for house music. So while she wasn’t at any of the seminal parties or clubs, the spirit is in her. These pursuits shine through in her ability to build adventurous, energetic, seductive, & rapturous sets spanning many genres. An ear for beauty and nostalgia with a penchant for surprise is what makes her a standout. She cuts an arch through dance music’s past and present to convey an interesting melding of Dee’s signature sounds lyrical storied tracks, sensual club edits, soulful realness, sneaky grooves, passionate thumpers, and nostalgic endings.

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