Giovanni Damico and Pablo Valentino

Get to know Giovanni Damico and Pablo Valentino

Giovanni Damico, also known as Ron Juan and G machine, is a musician, DJ and producer from Salerno, Italy. Head of the White Rabbit Recordings label and a real production machine, Giovanni has built a solid reputation over the years by signing albums on some of the best underground labels. Some even qualify him as the Pope of modern Disco. With his energetic and eclectic sets, Pablo Valentino has been winning over crowds globally since the beginning of his DJ career in 2000. Boundary-breaking blends of Brazilian, funk, house, disco-boogie sounds from the 1970-80s influence his electronic productions and mixes. Releasing EPs since 2005, many solo but also in collaboration with Motor City Drum Ensemble for early house collectives, it’s certain Valentino is well established in the Detroit-inspired, broken beat house scene. Aside from spinning some well-loved wax, Pablo Valentino is always searching for the unheard or undervalued regardless of genre. A perfect example of his dedication to the scene is his monthly «Children of the Drum» residency running for eight years in two of the most notorious clubs in the French scene, Le Sucre and Rex Club. Inviting a wide range of guests. PV’s a producer and promoter that supports all aspects of the industry.

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