Mark Grusane

Get to know Mark Grusane

Mark Grusane is a Chicago treasure whose relationship with the dance floor goes back to the 80s. With a special instinct for what makes people move, his unique approach to DJing brings together obscure genres of dance music with passion, style and panache. Music has always been an integral part of Mark Grusane’s life, from his Chicago childhood in the early ‘80s to his globe-trotting career as a DJ and producer. His passionate, intuitive style coupled with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things house and disco has made him a favorite among dancers and DJs alike. Mark’s selections always come from the heart, mixing technical prowess with perfectly timed groovy selections that are not just obscure but also filled with emotion. His unique style and command over the dance floor comes from a lifetime of digging, listening and making music. Growing up surrounded by numerous individuals involved in Chicago DJ, music and club culture played a crucial role in his upbringing, shaping him into the person he is today. Mark started collecting music with his older brother as a pre-teen, his early taste also shaped by the sound of local radio WBMX. In high school he was already DJing on college radio WKKC and spending his lunch breaks making music with friends.

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